From: Oli  To: You : )

From: Oli To: You : )

Talking about our changing bodies, going through adolescence, growing up, and realizing the need for a bra can sometimes make us feel awkward. These changes are a normal part of life.

Making the decision to start wearing your first bra can be an exciting or slightly nerve-wracking moment. If your mom hasn't initiated this process yet, gently bringing it up might be a good idea.

As well as we (Oli Undies) will be here to accompany you during this process of change, growth, learning, play and fun. So don't feel that you are alone, or that you have to be ashamed of the changes in your body, share, talk and communicate with your friends and family, because like any great adventure, when it is shared, the better it is.

So trust in yourself and let´s keep playing!

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