From Oli to you.

Talking about our changing bodies, going through adolescence, growing up, and realizing the need for a bra can sometimes make us feel awkward. These changes are a normal part of life.

Making the decision to start wearing your first bra can be an exciting or slightly nerve-wracking moment. If your mom hasn't initiated this process yet, gently bringing it up might be a good idea.

As well as we (Oli Undies) will be here to accompany you during this process of change, growth, learning, play and fun. So don't feel that you are alone, or that you have to be ashamed of the changes in your body, share, talk and communicate with your friends and family, because like any great adventure, when it is shared, the better it is.

So trust in yourself and let´s keep playing!

Illustration by Agus Minuto

"Am I already a woman?
Since when?
Girl / Woman

Text from¨Cosas de las que no deberias hablar ¨by Andrea Savall

Girls between the ages of 10 and 14, in the midst of their physical development but still with a playful and childlike mentality. These girls are not overstimulated and don't want to become women just because they have to wear their first bra due to societal pressure.

They enjoy nature, the outdoors, human interaction; they're curious and spirited. They are confident in themselves but may have moments of doubt, and their environment supports their ongoing growth. They look for products that maintain a certain childlike aesthetic without venturing into the realm of adolescence.

They seek comfort and security, without hiding or limiting themselves. They want to continue playing like any other children.

Illustration by Agus Minuto

The First Bra is here!
  • Childhood

    We pay homage to that childhood, that freedom, that play, taking it as far as it needs to go and never letting go of that inner child we carry within – strong, secure, full of dreams and aspirations, free from biases and impositions.

    Discover our brand and accompany your daughter on her journey with products that respect her growth and allow her to express her individuality!

  • Comfort

    Designing and creating your first bra is an exciting process in which we consider functionality, aesthetics, and care with organic materials. We strive to provide girls with products that are comfortable, safe, and respectful of their development. Moreover, we've created a brand universe that supports and empowers girls during this stage of their lives.

  • Confident

    We are committed to being a guide in the growth process and to turning this stage into an exciting and enriching experience. We believe in the power of empowering girls, inspiring them to discover their individuality and embrace their own style. Join our brand universe and discover how learning and playing can go hand in hand as you forge your own path toward confidence and self-discovery!

Becoming Oli

Oliundies was born out of the need to create garments that are closest to our skin for a stage in any woman's life, which is the use of our first bra. We aim to respect and encourage our girls to keep playing, without imposing beauty standards or associating the use of this garment with becoming adult women.

We believe that it is possible and essential to continue in this game, free and playful in the cherished realm of childhood. The Oliundies universe is a space of imagination, playfulness, freedom, preservation, and conservation of that childhood.

We are an independent, free, and creative brand dedicated to respecting the life stages of each girl, focusing on high-quality underwear made from sustainable materials and organic cotton.

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Our focus goes beyond the mere garment; we create a playful world of games and learning to accompany girls on their journey towards autonomy. We nurture confidence and self-expression through fun designs and vibrant colors. We place importance on educating about body care and respect while offering sustainable choices with organic materials.

Every detail of design, manufacture and choice of materials is focused on providing not only a high quality product but a garment that generates a positive impact on the lives of girls and makes them feel safe and accompanied.

Your first Bra is here!